Friday night parents and students of Elmwood-Murdock are together remembering three of their students who were tragically killed in a car accident, and to raise money to do something the three students always dreamed about.

Playing at Carnegie Hall in New York City is something many artists dream about.  It's an opportunity of a lifetime, but the choir at Elmwood Murdock will be living that dream in honor of their three classmates.

Fifteen-year-old Tyler Eggert, 17 year-old Angelica Washington, and 15-year-old Dillion Synovec were taken too early in a tragic car accident last October.

To honor them, there was a fundraiser at Round The Bend Steakhouse in South Bend. Their fellow choir members decided they would do everything to make this trip of a lifetime happen.

"They were like our family to us and we cared a lot about them," said a member of the choir, Katie Schmitt.  "We're just gonna sing for them, they wouldn't want us not to go."

It's about $2000 for each kid to go.  The parents of all three kids donated their portion of the money to pay for the rest of the choir.

"Tyler and I were both going to be going to Carnegie Hall, so we were going to go to New York together and it just made sense that any of the memorials given should be given to the youth to carnegie," said Mike & Annette Eggert, Tyler's parents. 

They even made shirts to remember them. While things are moving forward for the kids, not one day goes by that they don't think about their lovable classmates.

"The whole reason they were out that night was because of this, so it was really hard to get through this but we know we're doing it for them," said choir member Kalee Brewer.

To donate to the Elmwood-Murdock high school choir, you can use myspace or facebook, type in the keyword: EM youth to Carnegie Hall.

You can also visit hall, or drop off donations to the school.

The deadline for donations is March 31st.