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Drought 2012: What you can expect from your lawn next spring

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By: Kayla Bremer

As we prepare for the fall season, some people have questions about their lawns and plants, will they come back from this year's drought?

We see it all over town: brown grass covering people's front yards. The lack of rain and water restrictions has taken its toll and many people are wondering whether their grass and plants will survive.

"I think a lot of the perennials and grasses will survive. Especially if they've been given any kind of care. These plants are programmed to survive. It'll surprise people how much does come back," said the manager or Campbell's Nursery, Randy Wolf.

Wolf recommends watering your dormant lawns once every ten days to two weeks, whether it's turf grass like Fescue or even Kentucky Blue Grass. If you're not letting the grass go dormant, it's going to need a little more moisture and he says to water two or three times a week.

"A lot of the damage was not so much a lack of water but the intense heat that we had. Especially at night time where the plants just didn't get any rest and had no chance to cool off," said Wolf.

He says to check the crowns of the grass for any sign of green to see if it's still alive. A brown yard can also be a result of diseases and grub infestations. In that case, you will need to treat your grass with a special kind of chemical.

"Just be patient. Some of this will manifest itself next year. We'll be able to see exactly what kind of damage there is and if the plant needs to come out and be replaced or if it will be fine," said Wolf.

Over watering can actually do more damage than good. Wolf days people often assume a stressed plant needs water when the soil already has enough moisture. In the end, doing this can cause your plants and grass to die.

Campbell's Nursery suggests that people check their lawns for diseases and grub infestations. Also to check the moisture levels in your plants and grass with a soil prove to avoid over watering.

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