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Update: U.S. Senate Race 2012

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By: Melina Matthes

With only about 60 days before the November election, the two candidates for U.S. Senate are hitting the campaign trail hard.

Former U.S. Senator, Bob Kerrey, a decorated veteran, has recently criticized State Senator, Deb Fischer, for her lack of engagement with veterans. In retaliation, Fischer unveiled a "Veterans for Fischer" coalition. She says the nation needs to take better care of veterans.

"I believe that we need to honor these people for their sacrifices and we need to make sure we have a system in place that is going to provide them with the care they need," said Senator Deb Fischer.

Kerrey has recently been criticized for not being in touch with Nebraskans since he's lived outside the state for more than a decade. Kerrey says he's reintroducing himself as someone who shakes things up, and claims that he skipped heading to the Democratic National Convention for a reason.

"I'm here today. One of the reasons I didn't go is that the message that I've got for Nebraskans wouldn't entirely be welcome at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte. For that matter, I'm not sure it'd be very welcome at the Republican Convention either," said Kerrey.

Kerrey says Fischer's plan to balance the budget won't work. Fischer responded, "I believe that you cut spending and you grow jobs. That's how you turn this economy around. He would suggest cutting spending but raise taxes. I do not support that."

Fischer says federal spending needs to be reduced, and says that Kerrey's support to have taxes on the table, means in the end, taxes will be raised. "The number one problem we've got is that we've made commitments beyond what we're capable of keeping within reasonable levels of taxation for both medicare and social security," Kerrey said.

The only debate between Fischer and Kerrey was at the State Fair recently. No other debate is scheduled at this time.

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