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U.S. Senate hopefuls receive big endorsements

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By: Kayla Bremer

It's been a week since the final debate between U.S. Senate candidates Deb Fischer and Bob Kerrey.  Both of them have had many supporters step forward and endorse their campaigns.

On Monday, Fischer made an announcement that 75 current and former State Senators have endorsed her campaign.

Some lawmakers include Scott Lautenbaugh and Beau McCoy from Omaha and Kathy Campbell and Tony Fulton from Lincoln.  They've joined Fischer in doing what she says is "the Nebraska way."

"Everyone behind me says it because that's what we do in Nebraska," Fischer said.  "It is the Nebraska way.  We work together, we work looking at the broad view for the entire state and we do what's right."

Everyone who stood behind her at the state capitol are all of the Republican party, but Fischer says stepping across the aisle and working with Democrats is how she will get things done in Washington.

"I have a proven record of working with Democrats, prioritizing their bills, getting those bills passed," Fischer said.

On the other side, Bob Kerrey was endorsed by dozens of Lincoln educators on Sunday.

Endorsers say Kerrey has the leadership experience and a record for supporting educators.

He spoke to veterans and National Guard members on Monday about his pledge to make sure congress keeps their commitment to take care of veterans and the military.

"I'm very much concerned about our capacity to keep our promise to veterans when they come back," Kerrey said.  "There's a way to get it done but you're not going to get it done with rhetoric, you're going to get it done with action."

Kerrey says balancing the budget is a must in order to properly take care of veterans.

"I do think there's a right way and a wrong way to balance this budget...and the right way is to make sure our military is strong," Kerrey said.

Both are running to be elected into the seat vacated by Ben Nelson.  The election is November 6th.

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