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Revisiting Lily and Elizabeth

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By:Cole Miller

A story we did about a Lincoln grandma and a pit bull last week has reached all parts of the country.

With October being National Pit Bull Awareness Month, it was only fitting to revisit a story that gained a lot of attention on our web site. We also take a closer look at a movie hoping to bust the myths surrounding pit bulls.


That name may be a little familiar. We first brought you Lily and 77-year-old Elizabeth Meyer's story last week.

"I thought it would be confined to Lincoln, Nebraska!" Meyer said.

But shortly after airing last Thursday, October 4th, it became our most popular story, receiving comments and Facebook shares from all across the country. Meyer says being able to adopt Lily from Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue has changed her life.

"I have something else to think about besides me and there's always somebody here to greet me when I come home," Meyer said while Lily licked her face.

She's heard about the story from her trust officer. She's got an e-mail from her sewing guild president and even a phone call from an old friend.

"People that I wouldn't think would pay any attention!" Meyer said.

That's exactly her goal. Spread the message to everyone, that any breed of dog can be loved, not feared. It's also the goal of "Beyond the Myth, The Truth About Pit Bulls," a movie coming to the Lincoln Grand Cinema on Sunday, October 14th.

"It will always be a fight, I guess, on my side and the rescue side, to continue our work to try and educate until every pit bull is treated like any other dog," Brad Quimby said. Quimby volunteers with Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue.

There will be one showing of the movie at 6 p.m. While you're there, you can meet Lily and Elizabeth. Until then, they'll be resting up for their big debut.

Both Meyer and Quimby are hoping to expose people to the pit bull breed at the movie screening. Maybe you've had a bad experience in the past or no experience at all with pit bulls, they're hoping to give you a positive one.

For more information on the movie and Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue, visit

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