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"Making A Difference"

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By: Ashley Harding


Sixth graders at Scott Middle School are trying to make the world a better place. Having a good attitude and helping others has been a goal for these kids for a long time. Today, they've awarded the first ever "Make a Difference Award" to a Lincoln resident. 

At Scott Middle School, the sixth grade hallways are covered with paper starfishes. It's their way of recognizing students who've worked to make a difference. Now, for the first time ever, someone in the community gets their own starfish. That person is Barbara Griffith.

 "I am honored that people appreciate what I do. But it's not just what I do, it has turned into a whole community effort," said Griffith.

She does a lot! As a cashier at the Hyvee on 40th and Old Cheney, Barbara Griffith makes a point of connecting with each customer. She cuts out coupons for them. She also sends coupons to navy bases overseas. She's also an avid recycler. After hearing her story, several of the students immediately started thinking about the things they can do to make a difference. Tania Castillo and Grant Collins are two of them. They agree that the little things are the ones that really count.

 "You can like, say greetings to each other and stuff. If someone's stuff is on the floor, you can just pick it up for them," said Castillo.

 "I could be nicer to my brother, or I could do this or I could do that. I think it really touched me," said Collins.

School officials say they plan to make this a regular thing and a new winner will be selected each month. Some say making a difference in the lives of others isn't only good for them, it's good for you, too.

"It makes your day so much better if you can present a positive attitude and an optimistic attitude than one of doom and gloom. The more you can cheer a person up, the better you feel yourself," said Griffith.

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