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Movie-goers flock to the theatres on Christmas Day

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By: Sabrina Ahmed

Christmas is one of the busiest days of the year for movie theatres.  With so many movies that came out today, the theatres were packed.

Movie–goers shuffled inside, trying to get out of the cold as quickly as possible.  No matter what movie they were going to see, many of them were there for one reason.

"Spending time with family," said one little girl who saw Wreck it Ralph. 

"Family's here, we exchanged gifts and we decided to relax and see a film," Roger Cognard said.

Quite a few movies came out on the big day.  There was the highly anticipated Les Miserables, based on the musical, and Parental Guidance about a modern day family, and Django Unchained, set in the times of slavery.

Not everyone was seeing one that was released on one of the biggest days of the year for movie theatres.  A popular movie for families with kids was Wreck it Ralph, even though some of the big kids weren't really amused.

"I fell asleep," said one teenage boy who saw the movie with is family.

Many families said they go to a movie on this day every year.  

"Kind of has become a family tradition—every Christmas, we see a movie," Carlos Lopez said.

"This is just a family tradition for 20 years, and it's just Lloyd and I and this is what we do," Terri Jakoubok said about she and her husband.

"We just do it every Christmas—kids of a tradition—get the family together, go laugh," a member of the Niedbalski-Dcarishkis family said.

For a lot of the people visiting the theatre, this was just about the only thing to do after filling their stomachs with their delicious Christmas dinners.

"We can't even find coffee.  Everything's closed, but the theatre's open," Lopez said.

No matter what movie they saw, this was just one more way for them to be together and spread some cheer.

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