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A look back at 2012: The year in headlines

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By: Sabrina Ahmed 

Stories come and go as the days pass by, but there are some that have stuck with us over the year.  And a few that many of us will never forget.

2012: The year of the dragon, a leap year, the end of the world.

It was also a year full of memories for Nebraska.

Here is a look at some of the stories that made the top ten:

10.  BPI "pink slime":Beef Products, Inc's, law suit with ABC about their product "finely textured beef," known to many critics as "pink slime."

During a news conference with governors of states that have factories producing "finely textured beef," governors were very positive about the product.

"Let's call this product what it is and let pink slime become a term of the past," the governor of Texas said.

9.  Prenatal care: Law makers overrode Gov. Dave Heineman's veto of a bill that restores prenatal care coverage to the children of illegal immigrants and other low-income women.

8.  Drugstore Standoff: Andres Gonzalez took a pharmacist hostage during a botched drug robbery in downtown Alliance.  The 27-year-old wounded three officers and the pharmacist during the daylong standoff that ended with his death.  During the standoff, he admitted to killing two people.

7.  U.S. Senate-Kerrey: Former Senator Bob Kerrey announced he will seek the Democratic nomination for Nebraska's seat in the US Senate.  This came three weeks after saying he wouldn't run.

6.  Charlie Rogers: The Charlie Rogers assault case.  After claiming she was attacked because she was a lesbian, calling it a hate crime, she was arrested for making a false report.

5.  Osborne Retires: The legendary Tom Osborne announced he will retire January 1st.  He spent five years as the Athletic Director for the University of Nebraska, but that's just the tip of the iceberg when looking at everything Osborne did for the school.

When he made his announcement, he said he didn't "want to be that old guy walking around and everyone's wondering... well what do we do with him?"

4.  Pipeline: There is a controversial portion of the XL Pipeline being debated in Nebraska.  The newest route is designed to avoid the Sandhills region.

3.  U.S. Senate: Senator Deb Fischer defeated two more well–known and better funded contenders for the Republican nomination.  She then went on to defeat former US Senator Bob Kerrey for Nebraska's seat in the US Senate.

2.  Wildfires: The wildfires across the state kept firefighters busy all summer.  Had it not been for our top story of the year, those would never have been an issue.

1.  Drought of 2012. It was the driest summer in Nebraska's history. The state broke a record from 1936.  This summer, the state received a little more than three inches of rain. 

When discussing the impact of the drought, one climatologist said this was an extreme and severe drought.  "We've only seen droughts like this three times in the last 100 years."

As you can see, 2012 was a memorable year for many reasons.

As we ring in the new year, 2013 may bring with it one less day and one less end of the world prophecy, but it's sure to give us a whole new list of memorable headlines.

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