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Some officers wearing cameras to catch drunks

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By: KLKN News Staff

The controversy in recent weeks has been over cameras already in place on 14th and 'O' Streets.  Is it an invasion or privacy? But, many may not know, some officers have been wearing mini-cameras on their uniforms for a couple years now.

Monday afternoon, Lincoln police shared some of the video they've captured with KLKN-TV. 

"It winds up giving people that haven't experienced the downtown bar crowd at one o'clock in the morning, a little glimpse about what the environment is like that officers are dealing with," Lincoln police chief, Jim Peschong, said.

The video features several intoxicated people talking and confronting officers.  Police told us, many times people even confess to the crime, then later deny that they did so in court.

The chief says cameras are meant to discourage crime and apprehend criminals, not invade people's privacy.

"The reality is that, we're just videotaping what anybody winds up seeing on a sidewalk or street," chief Peschong said. "For the most part, there's video downtown in different businesses and such that are already constantly being used as evidence."

Lincoln Police say the cameras high up top 14th and 'O' Streets, most likely won't be operational until at least late January.

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