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Attorney General details plan for session, gun control not on list

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By: Sabrina Ahmed 

From Iran to consumer protection, the Attorney General plans to tackle a large spectrum of issues this session.  One item not on the list? Gun control.

 "It's not the gun that's the problem.  It's the mentally ill individual that wields the gun," Attorney General Jon Bruning said today at the Capitol.

Bruning said he doesn't support gun control.  He said he doesn't think guns are the problem, and taking them away won't solve anything.

He's not sure if putting armed guards at every school is the answer.

"We're not gonna stop mentally ill people from doing things by building more walls," Bruning said.

Since the Sandy Hook shooting, many states have taken gun control in their own hands, like Colorado, Connecticut, New York, and many others.  For Nebraska, that won't be on the top of the list for legislators.

Among the four bills Bruning did announce, one was a bill that makes the penalties between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter more distinct.

Another bill refers to state sanctions on Iran.  It creates procedures to eliminate investment of public funds with companies associated with Iran.   

"Frankly, it's to restrict their ability to continue to be a threat in the region and a threat to world peace," Senator Avery of Lincoln said.

This bill brings Nebraska in line with federal restrictions. 

The third bill discusses penalties for disarming or attempting to disarm a law enforcement officer.  It takes the offense from a misdemeanor to a felony.  The Lancaster County Sheriff said this is an extremely dangerous act and needs to be treated that way.

"There's only one reason to get our gun and that's to use it against us—and it diminishes the severity of that," Sheriff Terry Wagner said.

The fourth and final bill requires companies to report information breaches to the Attorney General's Office.  This way, consumers can be made aware of the issue and try and resolve the problem as soon as possible.

One other interesting note: Bruning said he loves his job as Attorney General and has no plans right now to run for Governor.

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