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Marijuana candy concerns sheriff

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By: Brittany Paris

It's a recipe for disaster. Marijuana candy looks like regular candy that is found in grocery stores.

Police said they have heard of other methods of ingesting marijuana by putting it in brownies or cookies, but marijuana candy causes concerns.  

"It makes you suspicious of all candy if it's that easily disguisable or made to look like normal consumable products," Sheriff Terry Wagner, Lancaster County, said. "That raises concern that we might not be able to detect it, or that every item that looks that way will come under suspicion. So it's a two–edged sword."

The discussion comes after a recent arrest of a Colorado woman. Jessica Baker, 30, was arrested on Thursday with intent to deliver.

After being pulled over on I-80 for a traffic violation near Lincoln, deputies said they found marijuana candy along with two pounds of pot in Baker's car.

They are not sure where the candy came from, but recently passed laws allow companies in Colorado to make foods with marijuana in them.

In this case, the sheriff is not sure if the dog who tipped them off was able to actually smell the marijuana candy.

"Our canine hit on the vehicle, but there was raw marijuana in the vehicle, so it's hard to tell whether the dog on the marijuana itself or the candy," Wagner said.

There have been reports of marijuana candy popping up across the country, but police said the arrest made on Thursday is an isolated incident.  

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