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Nordquist wants restrictions on teen tanning

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By: Cole Miller

State Senator Jeremy Nordquist's bill is called the 'Skin Cancer Prevention Act,' aiming to reduce exposure to cancer risks among young people.  
Escaping to a warm tanning bed in the middle of winter may be just what you need. But should their be an age limit on who can use one? Senator Nordquist of Omaha says the answer is yes.

"For me, this is very much a public health issue," Nordquist said.

He introduced a bill Friday that would prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from using a tanning bed, citing reports that say young people who use them are at a much greater risk of developing skin cancer.

Out on the streets of Lincoln, people are sounding off.
"I mean at what point does the government get out of your life and let you live your life? I think at some point you have to say, 'Look, focus on what's important, what needs to be controlled and let people live their lives," Steve Nolan said.

When it comes to restrictions, Nordquist says there aren't any in Nebraska. He says 33 states have some type or another, many involving permission from a parent. His bill wouldn't even allow that.
"I'm more in favor of anybody having parental consent or something," Kelly Rutter said.

One parent we spoke to says she's happy to see the bill.
"I have a little girl that's 8, soon to be 9-years-old and I don't want her tanning before she's 18," Stephanie Maxfield said. "When you're doing it at that age, you're just trying to look pretty. You're not thinking about the long term affects on your skin."

That's one of Nordquist's biggest concerns.

"When we're looking at long term health consequences that come along with tanning, I think it very much should be restricted, certainly greater than it is right now," Nordquist said.
One thing to note, this measure doesn't prohibit spray tanning.

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