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Gun legislation takes center stage

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By: Bill Schammert

Less than a week into Nebraska's 2013 legislative session, and gun bills are taking center stage.  Already, three bills have been introduced that would change some of the state's current gun laws.

For Hoskins Sen. Dave Bloomfield, domestic violence is an issue that hits close to home.  A constituent approached him this past spring, asking Bloomfield to alter the current conceal and carry permit regulations.

"She wished she would've had the ability to get the weapon a little quicker," Sen. Bloomfield said.

Now, he's introducing a bill that would expedite the permit process for domestic violence victims.  The new legislation would take the usual 45 day waiting period and turn it into a five day waiting period for victims, as long as a law enforcement officer signs off on it.

Applicants would still have to meet certain criteria, like being at least 21-years-old and having proof of proper training.

"A 240-pound man, it would be nice for him to stop and think that he might be confronting something different than a 120-pound woman," the senator said.

Already, two other bills have hit the session floor relating to guns.

LB-148 would make it illegal to sell ammunition to anyone 18-years-old or younger.  Omaha Sen. Brad Ashford, who introduced the bill, says currently Nebraska doesn't have any restrictions on selling ammunition to juveniles.

Still, for some this isn't enough.

"I would prefer it if they wouldn't allow guns in general," student Cait Lyon said. "But, I don't know if that would help anything."

LB-50 would hold adults liable for civil damages if he or she unreasonably left a firearm in a place where a juvenile or mentally incompetent person might have access.

"Shouldn't have a problem with that," Isaac Spang of Lincoln said. "Lock it up, combination lock, key lock, whatever you need, keep it secure."

Imperial Sen. Mark Christensen has already come out against LB-50 and LB-148, saying, to think the idea of gun control will stop shootings is naive.

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