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40th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

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By: Sabrina Ahmed

Everyone has their own opinion about abortions and what role the government should play in the decision.

Last week, law makers introduced a bill that could possibly change the function of Nebraska's government in that decision.

One thing Nebraska's Legislature decided a couple of years ago was in order to make a decision about abortion, you have to know about all your options. It's called informed consent.

Senator Krist introduced a bill to expand on that, making more information available online.

Today is the 40th anniversary of Roe V. Wade, the monumental court case that made abortions legal.  The women from Nebraska Right to Life passed out flowers to remember the court case.  They weren't in favor of the decision made in 1973.  Now, they're asking for change.

"Remind our officials that this is an important day to remember the most vulnerable among us, and remind them that we count of them for their protection of the unborn," Sandy Danek from Nebraska Right to Life said.

Their cause this time around is LB 300.  As written, it would require the Department of Health and Human Services and those who administer options for unwanted pregnancies to provide people considering abortion with a link on their web site.  That link would take you to pictures of the gestation process.

"I think we should allow people to have an informed base of knowledge before they give their consent to go forward with abortion," Senator Bob Krist, who introduced the bill, said.

Senator Krist said this would be more accessible to people and cheaper for the department than the written information provided now.

Senator Amanda McGill said, while she has not heard all sides of the argument, she doesn't foresee any big issues with it.  She supports women having access to more information.

"The more information the better, I don't really think that hurts a woman, as long as it's also not psychologically there to mess with a woman.  You know if it's just good info that's updated, I don't really have a problem with that."

When asked how Planned Parenthood feels about this legislation, they sent the following statement from President and CEO, Jill June:

"We oppose any legislation that attempts to interfere in a woman's ability to make her own health care decisions. The bottom line is that a woman should be able to make informed decisions about her own pregnancy without biased government intrusion."

Senator Krist's bill has been introduced. It will have to pass committee hearings before it can make it to the floor for debate.

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