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Gun show attendance rises in fear of gun control

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By: Sabrina Ahmed

Many gun owners are afraid of stricter gun control laws.  For verification, look no further than the high attendance at this weekends local gun show.

Vendors needed more space because they knew this was going to be a big year—and the hot topic around the tables? Gun control.

Thousands of guns lined the tables.  One hundred twenty vendors brought their best stuff.  But it wasn't just guns for the taking. 

There was military garb and historic war pieces, there were even tipis and buffalo.

This was the biggest gun show the Rock Creek Renegades Muzzle–loading Club has ever seen.

Mostly because people are afraid they won't always have the option of buying the guns they want. They said they're okay with jumping through a few hoops to buy one, but too much regulation is unnecessary.

"I'm all for background checks for sure, it's a good thing, you can't be too careful.  It's really not that hard to go down and get a permit that's good for three years—once you get a permit, it's no big deal.  More restrictive background checks? Not so much," Justin Potter said.

The coordinators of the show said this is a family environment and learning how to safely use a gun is important.

"We have a lot of very safe, conscientious people who hunt and fish and target shoot and use their gun for sport—I see our gun show as a wholesome family activity," Coordinator Ardis Moody said.

Many vendors are concerned that the people who are misusing guns are misrepresenting majority of gun owners.

"Those realms are not being looked at when it comes to the gun control policies taking plane and its unfortunate for the people who are doing it right, who are following the rules," Vendor Tina Thompson said.

Many also said the guns aren't really the problem. However, if a few extra steps reassure the general population, then that's okay.

"Those of us who are here and following the rules are more than willing to do what it takes to make people feel comfortable," Thompson said.

The gun show is wrapping up tomorrow at the Lancaster County Event Center from 9 to 4.

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