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Riding for Sandy Hook draws huge crowds

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By: Sabrina Ahmed

The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary's wake was felt across the country.  One Lincoln girl decided she wanted to help the families the only way she knew how.

Eight–year–old Jordyn Jackson didn't think making bracelets or writing notes would be a big enough gesture for these families, so after a lot of brainstorming and some crazy ideas, they decided to host a horse show.  It's called Riding for Sandy Hook.

Jordyn Jackson's best friend is her horse, Blue.  When she's down, Blue makes her happy.  When she needs a friend, her horse is there.

So when Jordyn hear about the shooting at Sandy Hook, where 20 children and 6 adults were killed, she knew Blue would make the families feel better, too.  She asked her mom to take Blue to Connecticut to make the grieving loved ones feel even a little happier.

"And let everyone feel him and touch him and—he omits love—and that's what she was kind of going for.  And that wasn't obviously an option, so this was 2nd best to her, which is actually turning out great," Jordyn's mom, Holly Kroese said.

And what solution did Kroese come up with? A horse show called Riding for Sandy Hook.  All proceeds benefiting the family members of those who lost their lives in the tragic shooting.

"Really excited that I can ride my horse and raise money for the families," Jordyn said.

Kroese and her daughter said the show had higher attendance than they ever hoped it could.

"Everybody today is completely riding with sandy hook in their hearts," Kroese said.

Given the time of year, they were hoping for 50 participants.  But they quadrupled that number with about 200 riders.

"People that ride don't ride during the winter, and, so to have a turnout like this is the middle of January is really really amazing," Kroese said.

Even young Jordyn was shocked by how many people were there to support the families.

"I would like to thank all of the horses, people, for coming out," she said.

The horse show was all day at the Lancaster County Event Center.  Kroese says they had a goal of 3,000 dollars today, but she thinks they raised way beyond that.

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