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Drivers react to gas prices

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By: Cole Miller 

If you've fueled up lately, chances are you've noticed a steep rise in prices. Just when things were looking decent, the average price per gallon shot up nearly 30 cents.

It's just up the street at the local "Super C" where we find drivers gassing up their rides. However, many aren't too happy with the prices they're seeing.

"$3.30 is not what I want to be paying for gas, that's for sure," Travis Blase said.

That feeling is likely due in part to prices that just last week, were at or below the $3 gallon mark, at least for an ethanol blend, that is.

"I got excited last week when I saw the prices were a little bit lower, so I immediately went to the pump and got excited that I was going to be able to afford gas a lot easier," Blase said.

Well, the excitement didn't last too long. 

"It affects me pretty bad, a lot of money just going straight to gas. It's been crazy," Mary Hayes said.

And while there's no clear culprit as to why we've seen such an increase, some drivers say it's simply become a fact of life.

"It's one of those things you just make it work," Jodi Urban said. 'You got to drive to work, you got to work to drive! It's a never ending circle, isn't it?"

"I hate to say it but as Americans and as Nebraskans, we're stuck in this rut of up and down and we're just forced to succumb to whatever price they want us to pay," Blase said.

Nationally, gas has only gone up about 2 cents over the past 2 weeks or so. According to AAA, we're still lower than the national average, which is roughly $3.50 for a gallon of mid grade.

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