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A second chance at love

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By: Sabrina Ahmed

With Valentine's Day less than a week away, love is in the air.  Today, we bring a heartwarming story about a couple who found love for an unexpected second time.

This man and woman never thought they could be this lucky twice in a lifetime.  They're both widowers and had long and happy marriages.  In their eighties, they've fallen in love once more.

She strums the keys, he taps his fingers, to the tune of "Hello, Dolly!"

Their friendship grew from their love of music, and so began a new chapter of their lives.  Both Jean Patoka and Joseph Adamson are in their 80s.  They've found love for the second time.

"We feel the same way about each other now that we felt about our spouses but it's just a little different," Patoka said.

They said this time around, they don't have life aspirations and aren't starting a family.  They just get to have a good time.  And they do!

They drink wine, they do crossword puzzles, but more importantly they tell each other everything.

"We certainly understand each other and we can tell each other anything," Patoka said.

"Fun and have somebody that you can talk to like maybe you may have talked to your own mate when they were living," Anderson said.

For these two, they say they never expected to find another great love.  They both say, while it's unexpected, it proves that you really can have more than one soul mate.

"Life wouldn't be the same around here without her," Anderson said today.

"I don't think you look for it—it happens," Patoka said.

Both Jean and Joseph said, just because they've moved on, doesn't mean they've forgotten their pasts.  This is just another part of their stories.

"You have to turn the page, you have to live a new chapter.  And when you lose your mate, you have your mourning period, but after a time, it's time to move on and you realize that."

Jean and Joseph gave me a few tips to having a long a healthy relationship.  They said trust and communication are key.  Understand there will be fights.  And have fun whenever you can.

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