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Filling prescriptions before it snows

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By: Cole Miller

Many of you are already preparing for that winter storm. Groceries, gas and warm clothes usually top the list, but another necessity is often forgotten. 
"Sometimes people forget. Healthcare, as important as it is, does get put on the back burner every once in awhile," Dr. Monty Scheele, a pharmacist with Four Star Drug said.
It's the calm before the storm at Four Star Drug. Where Scheele and his staff are urging anyone who may be running low on their prescriptions to get them filled.

With snow, and potentially lots of it on the horizon, Scheele says when making preparations, people forget to stop by the pharmacy counter.

"Every instance of a snowstorm or even holiday, it just seems that people forget about their medicines," Scheele said.

And that can sometimes make for a scary situation.

"Well, let's face it. Some medications we can get by a day or two without," Scheele said

"There are other medications that it's vital, something you really need to have to continue to maintain your disease state and keep you healthy."

Aside from medications, the Red Cross has a few general tips for staying not only healthy, but safe.

First, assemble an emergency preparedness kit, containing canned foods, bottled water and a battery powered radio. Also, listen to storm warnings.

And finally prepare your home and car. That means checking insulation and keeping a full tank of gas in your car, which helps prevent fuel lines from freezing. 
Back on the topic of pharmacies, Scheele says Four Star Drug will continue to make deliveries of medications. If the weather gets too bad, though, they will have to call off some of those.

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