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Stores and customers prepare for more snow

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By: Sabrina Ahmed 

With a big snow storm on the horizon, people flooded the grocery stores earlier this week.  We could see as much as half a foot again next week and people aren't taking any chances.

"We do and we always are prepared," says Shawn Kean.

The Kean family packed their carts with the essentials.  Bread, milk, eggs, among other things.  The Keans always want to be ready for anything that comes their way.

"I always look at if we're going to maybe lose our power," Kean said.

But they aren't the only ones.  The Russ's Store Director, Patrick Ridder, said business doubles when a winter storm is brewing.  With snow in the near future again, this week is no different.

"With the week between storms, customers will go through their food supply they bought last week and they'll need to restock their shelves next week to be sure they get through this next winter storm," Ridder said.

John Woodring picked up everything he didn't get when he stocked up last time.  He said he doesn't want to get in a sticky situation on the roads.

"You get your stuff before the storm hits, it's simpler to be at home where you're safe, instead of being out on the road," Woodring said.

When snow is back to back like it is this time around, Russ's takes extra steps to be sure they don't run out of what they need.  They order extra trucks, they have extra staffing.  And hope the storms don't stop the stores from serving their customers, even in the thick of winter.

This last snow storm was one of the bussiest the store director had ever seen.  While next week might not be as bad, he said it's still better to be safe than sorry.

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