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Woman struggling to pay medical bills has advice for others

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By: Kayla Bremer

We've been following the story of a local woman battling a rare flesh eating bacteria for nearly a year.  Now, with the bills piling up, she wants others to know some important information that can help save them money.

Margo Dreeszen says ten months ago, she felt a pinch on her leg and went to the doctor to get it checked out.  That pinch ended up putting her through multiple surgeries and a fight to save her life.

The bills are stacking up for her and her husband after a ten month long fight against the rare flesh eating bacteria.  In April, she was diagnosed and has gone through twelve surgeries after the bacteria spread through her legs and into her brain.

After spending nearly four months in the hospital, she still makes multiple trips to the doctor every month and dresses her wounds twice a day.

"The legs are, both of them are deformed from the knee down but you know, they're still there," Dreeszen said.  "I can still use them.  I can't walk very fast but I can walk."

She says insurance helped cover a majority of the million dollars worth of medical bills but she found out they don't cover any of the disposable medical supplies she uses on a daily basis. 

Unable to afford all of it, she says she had to sell her wedding rings and even had to stop buying supplies that are essential to help heal her open wounds.

Desperate for help, she started making calls to medical supply stores.  She found she could get her bandages for 40 cents compared to the almost seven dollars the hospital charges.

"I feel cheated.  I was so angry.  I want people to know you can get it at a better price.  Don't just accept it."

Margo went from paying more than 50 dollars a day to just three dollars by making the change. 

She says she wants to spread the message to others whether it's to have a medical procedure, or you need medical supplies...to call around because the prices do vary.

"I just don't want people to get ripped off.  Even the doctor's office was excited that I found cheaper prices so they could tell people too."

Doctors say Margo may have gotten the bacteria from a spider bite, but they're not sure.

She still has months of treatment to go, but says her legs are making a big improvement and are showing signs of healing.

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