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New phone scam: pay up or be arrested

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By: Megan Palera

A new phone scam claims there's a warrant for your arrest and it will go away if you pay up. Now a Lincoln man, who was almost duped into falling for it, has a warning for everyone.

The numbers come from Jacksonville, Florida and they don't stop. Multiple calls and multiple days. Scammers claim to have an arrest warrant for you. Mike of Lincoln, whose identity we are protecting, almost became a victim.

"I went through so many emotions last night. I went from freaking out to being happy and relieved," Mike said.

On Monday night, the number changed from an out-of-state area code to a Lancaster County Sheriff's Office line. The scammer claimed to be Detective Ames and that Mike owed $800. But if he paid the first $200 by 9 p.m., his arrest warrant would go away.

"Here I am going over to may parents to borrow a couple hundred bucks to satisfy it," Mike said.

But something still didn't feel right. So Mike called the sheriff's office back only to find out there was no Detective Ames.

"There was no Detective Ames at the Sheriff's Office, State Patrol, or the Lincoln Police Department," Mike said.

His phone is still being flooded with calls from the scammers, but now he knows to ignore them and Mike hopes others will do the same.

The best thing you can do is to remember that if law enforcement calls you, their number will show up as a private  number. If there's a warrant for your arrest, officers will come find you instead of giving you a "courtesy" call.

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