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"Make a Difference" Day

By: Cole Miller

It's never too early to start making a difference in the world. Just ask some local 6th graders.

Thursday night was the "Make a Difference" fair at Scott Middle School, where a bunch of passionate youngsters were raising awareness for local causes and organizations.

"I've been bullied since kindergarten and it's gradually gotten worse and worse and worse as I get older."

Sixth graders at Scott Middle School are setting out to make a difference.

"The money we earn goes towards the child advocacy center wish list."

With the ultimate goal of making Lincoln a better community.

"There are 5 children that die each day because of child abuse."

And to do that, they're raising awareness and funds for different issues and organizations. For example, Holly Kline wants to help curb drunk driving.

"It affects so many people and it hasn't really affected me at all, but I just felt so bad for all the people it has affected and I wanted to help them," Kline said.

Jaclyn Mabon and her partner want to end animal abuse. She hopes people will volunteer their time at the Capitol Humane Society to help our furry friends.

"They could probably feel more happy than sad so they could get the bad side of their abuse away," Mabon said.

Then there's the hope venture team made up of these seven youngsters. The non-profit helps poverty stricken families overseas.

"It'll seriously change a life. I mean, $10 could put a kid in school," Cedric Case said.

And that's what these kids truly want to do, change one life at a time.

In addition to the projects, students also wrote research papers in class. Teachers say its a meaningful and exciting way to teach the necessary material.

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