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Texting and driving simulator demonstrates dangers

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 By: Sabrina Ahmed

Most people will admit to sending the occasional text while in the driver's seat, but if you've ever really paid attention to how many times you cross the double line, you might think twice.

It start with that sound we all know, the ding of a text message.  And you go from being a law abiding driver to swerving, quickly changing your speed from too slow to too fast, you might hit a curb or even crash.

This simulator brings light to what many people can't realize while they're on the real road.

"You never know, you never think it'll be you until it happens and it's too late," Cody Beerthuis said.

That's exactly the message road manager of the distracted driving program, Cody Beerthuis  is trying to get out there. 

"There's a lot of people texting and driving thinking they're doing it just fine—they don't realize how much they're swerving off the road."

They drive all across the country raising awareness.  They say texting and driving is the number one killer in teens.  They also say more than 6,000 deaths a year are because of texting, and about a quarter of a million injuries.

Beerthuis said he compares the dangers of texting and driving to what it's like to drink and drive.  He wants more people to realize how scary it is.

"There's people who bring so much awareness to alcohol and everything else, but there's not quite as much awareness about how dangerous texting and driving really is," Beerthuis said.

Here in Nebraska, texting and driving is a secondary offense.  You can only get a ticket if you're pulled over for another reason.

There's legislation in the works right now to make it a primary offense.


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