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Cleanup continues after Sunday's snowstorm

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By: Sabrina Ahmed 

Officially, Lincoln saw 5 and a half inches of snow.  Many viewers may have seen more.  This made for some pretty messy roadways and quite a headache for road crews.

Clean–up crews worked through the night clearing the emergency snow routes, arterials and bus routes.  At 8 AM, they hit the residential streets.

More than seventy plows are working non–stop, but it will still take a while before they reach every residential street in Lincoln.  Scott Opfer, with Public Works, said their main goal is to make the streets drivable.  They won't be perfect after they're plowed once.

"Our plows don't have the ability to get all the way down to bare pavement.  They plow off the loose stuff and as traffic drives on it, it fluffs up.  It may look like we haven't been there but we will get through every residential area by sometime tomorrow," Opfer said.

City officials have not issued a residential parking ban, but they do ask, if you can, to move off the streets to make it easier for the crews.

"It's gonna be a heavy, big pile of snow and our operators really have no choice, they're gonna plug driveways," Opfer said.

If you need help, you can call snow angels, a program of volunteers who help shovel driveways and sidewalks.

Out in the county, roads are still extremely slick.  The sheriff said, if you're making your way out of town, to be careful.

"In the open areas, it's a bit different than being in the urban areas.  If they're gonna be traveling from one to the other and be aware of those changing conditions," Sheriff Wagner said.

The crews will keep treating some of the trouble ice spots on the main roads, but as temperatures drop tonight, there will be a lot of refreeze.  Officials say to be extremely cautious on your commute tomorrow as well.

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