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Mom thanks bus driver for saving daughter

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By: Megan Palera

Colleen Mitchell of Lincoln can't say thank you enough to the bus driver who saved her 11-year-old daughter.

It's an emotional subject for Mitchell even five months later. She can't even speak of it without breaking into tears.

"She called me and she's screaming on the other end saying she just got hit," Mitchell said.

She's just thankful the bus driver was there to save her little girl.

"He was there for a reason and she's on that bus for a reason," Mitchell said.

To this day, Mitchell refuses to watch the video of her daughter's close call captured on StarTran's bus camera last October. And for good reason. The video shows Kassandra darting across the street without looking for traffic. One more step and it would have been too late.

But the bus driver's quick thinking saved her life. He blasted the horn, alerting her to danger, and she walked away with only a scraped knee.

Mitchell says her daughter has learned to look twice before crossing the street; and to thank the bus driver, Caleb Whisenhunt, every day for being her guardian angel.

"I owe him my life because he saved my daughter and she's everything to me," Mitchell said.

Although it is unclear in the video, the driver of the truck that accidentally grazed Kassandra did stop to make sure she was ok and helped her to get home.  

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