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Students learn first hand about being a doctor

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By: Sabrina Ahmed 

Some high school students who are thinking about going into the medical field got an up close look at what that really means.

When kids are young they say they want to be a rock star, an astronaut, a cowboy, a doctor.  Today, one of those professions became a little more real life for high school students.

"It puts my mind at ease knowing that I've actually got people here who can explain to me what it takes," Briana Zimmer said.

Zimmer is a sophomore at Lincoln East High School.  She said she's always known she wants to go into medicine.  Just not sure in what way.

"I kind of actually came in hopes of, maybe it would help me decide what I exactly want to go into.  So I'm hoping by the end of the day that I'll know exactly what I want to go into," Zimmer said.

Bryan Health's Discovery Day started with a panel of doctors.  Students asked anything and everything about practicing medicine, and the life of a doctor.

"It's great to look back and talk to kids and be able to relate with them and tell them the things that you wish people told you in high school," Dr. Robert Oakes, Cardiothoracic Surgeon said.

Over the last ten years, more than 4,000 students have visited Bryan Health to get the inside look.  They do everything from taking blood from a fake arm, doing a biopsy on a banana, and performing ultrasounds on models and each other.

Doctors say this is a way for students to understand what being a doctor is really all about.  And help them to know it's not an untouchable profession, it just takes hard work and dedication.

"The skies the limit.  They can do anything they want and this is the start of it.  They're still, you know, everything's still open to them," Dr. Oakes said.

Discovery Day happens twice a year and is open to high school students from around the state.  If your school doesn't participate, counselors are encouraged to call Bryan Health Education to learn about getting involved.

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