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Lawmakers argue over possible gun legislation

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By: Bill Schammert

LB-451 is a rather simple bill, but it packs a punch.  Basically, it bans any federal gun law passed after January 1st, 2013, from being enforceable within Nebraska's borders.

During Wednesday's testimony on the bill, Omaha Sen. Ernie Chambers questioned its introducer, Fremont Sen. Charlie Janssen.

"When you took this oath to support the Constitution, did you agree to support the part that says the Constitution and its laws are the supreme laws of the land?"

Senator Janssen responded quickly.

"I do support the Constitution, but I will not blindly do so.  If I Feel like something is going wrong or rights are being taken away from citizens, I must stand up."

The back and forth went on for almost twenty minutes during the Judiciary Committee hearing.

The bill says Nebraska would be exempt from any federal changes dealing with regulations on magazine size, further registration requirements and the legality of semi-automatic firearms.

Amongst its biggest supporters were two Nebraska county sheriffs.

"They can call it gun control all they want," Grant County Sheriff, Shawn Hebbert, testified. "It's about control.  It's about rights; who gets to say what rights we keep and what rights we give up."

Lincoln County Sheriff, Jerome Kramer, also testified in support.

"LB-451 at least tells the government how we feel here in Nebraska."

But the future may not bode well for the bill.  Sen. Chambers promised that LB-451 will not become law.

Hoskins Sen. Dave Bloomfield introduced similar legislation.  The Nebraska Firearms Freedom Act says any firearm made and kept in Nebraska is not subject to federal law.

Another bill heard would remove handgun registrations and certificates from the public record.

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