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Local reaction to rising gas prices and EPA regulations

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By: Sabrina Ahmed

"It seems like, in every aspect, the American family is expected to pay more and more for everything," a driver said.

A better environment comes at a price, and drivers could be getting the bill.  President Obama and the EPA want to reduce emissions from gasoline, making cleaner air and healthier people.  But if it happens, it'll cost us.

The big question is, if we're going to have cleaner air, what will be the price tag?

It's never fun to watch the numbers roll when you are at the pump.  By 2017, they could roll a little faster.  That's if the EPA and President Obama get their way.

Some studies say the price could go up as much as nine cents, while others estimate it will go up by about a penny.  But it's not all bad.

The nationwide standards, that would go into effect in four years, would reduce sulfur in gas by two–thirds.  They would also reduce smog causing, tail pipe emissions by 80 percent.

"Increased health benefits and avoid more than 2000 premature deaths," an EPA official said.

Environmental activists say this would be like taking 33 million cars off American roads.  Taylor Jensen said he's looking at the big picture and agrees with it.

"If we're willing to pay more to stay a little longer, it just makes more financial sense," Jensen said.  "You get more out than what you put in."

But Antonio Janousek is a cab driver, and he said this would hurt business.  He said he has to think about surviving.

"They'll probably cut our wages and probably take more out of our pay checks," Janousek told Channel 8.

One woman said a better environment is important, but raising gas prices for hard working Americans isn't the way to get there.

"I want clean air, clean water, I want a clean environment just as much as anybody else does, that's very important, but I don't think this administration has a lot of credibility because of a number of issues right now," she said.

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