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Accident victim thankful for a second chance

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By: Kayla Bremer

A Lincoln man who fought to stay alive after a serious motorcycle crash is able to talk about it because of the trauma team that helped save him.

Twenty-eight year old Adam Koenig doesn't remember much about the night of May 25th of last year.

"I usually just jumped on a bike, went for a quick ride...I wasn't planning on going anywhere in particular," Koenig said.  "Just around."

He was driving down Grainger Parkway on his motorcycle near 27th and Yankee Hill Road when he lost control going around a curve.  He side–swiped a van, sending him into the other lane.  That's when he hit a pick–up truck head–on.

Carol Christensen, a registered nurse who lives in the area heard the crash.  Her and her husband took off running towards the accident. 

"I noted he had several injuries and I'm going, okay I can't stop the blood but he has to have a heart, so I started CPR," Christensen said.

Adam had multiple injuries even though he was wearing a helmet. He had brain trauma and damage to his heart and lungs.

He was rushed to the hospital in very critical condition.  Trauma surgeon Dr. Stanley Okosun knew they had to act fast.  Because Adam's heart stopped so many times, he had a less than one percent chance of surviving.

"At one stage during his resuscitation, we had to turn him upside down to be able to get his lungs to open up," Dr. Okosun said.

Thursday night, Adam and all of the people involved with his recovery will be honored in Bryan Health's Tribute to Trauma Champions.  It will include everyone from the paramedics and 911 dispatchers, to the doctors and nurses, to the rehabilitation teams.

"I believe in miracles and this is one miracle I know I'll always keep in the back of my mind," Dr. Okosun said.  "This is a kid I never believed would walk out of here."

For Adam, he says he's thankful for a second chance at life.

"Whatever I can do to be happy and make others around me happy is what I'm going to do," Koenig said.  "Not going to take anything for granted.  Nothing.  There's nothing to take for granted anymore."

The Tribute to Trauma Champions will be held Thursday night at the Rococo Theatre.

Another survivor, Derek Stromp, from Greeley, will also be honored.  He was injured in an ATV crash.

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