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Crete teacher will meet with President Obama

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By: Cole Miller

We've been following this story for awhile now, the students at Crete High School helping make it all possible. Very soon, all their hard work will pay off.
Not even a cane can slow down Bernie Ludvik. The Crete High School teacher, recovering from a nasty car accident with the scars to prove it, is finally back in the classroom.

And in less than two weeks, he'll be in Washington D.C.
"You know, I'm still in a stage where it's hard to believe, but everybody is coming up and congratulating me and so it's going to happen, it really is," Ludvik said.

Ludvik's been to Capitol Hill more than a dozen times before, so why is he so excited this time?

Well, the answer is simple---he's going to meet the President.

"I thought the odds of that ever realistically happening were pretty low," Ludvik said.

He can thank the hard work of his students for setting up the meeting.

Ludvik was all set to see Obama's second inauguration speech in January, but that car accident left him unable to go. So the school started a social media blitz to fulfill his dream. They called it the "Ludvik Campaign.

"After what I've gone through, in the last four and a half months, to have this school and this community rally around and help me in so many different ways, I could never say thank you enough."

At times, even they had their doubts, but Thursday's good news quickly spread throughout the hallways.

"I think initially we all kind of felt a sense of school pride, community pride also," CHS Senior Jackie Ourada said.

"Words can't describe how amazing it feels to get him to where we wanted him to go."

And when it comes to getting around the White House, Ludvik says he'll do just fine.
Students held a dodge ball tournament back in February. They raised nearly $1,000 to help cover Ludvik's travel costs. His daughter will join him on the trip.

Ludvik says he's going to take Obama some Crete High School memorabilia, including a t-shirt.

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