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Man granted parole 3 years after accidentally killing friend

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By: Sabrina Ahmed

A man is granted parole today after accidentally killing his best friend three years ago.  For the victim's family, it means closure.  We have the exclusive interview with his mother.

After the shocking death of their son, Nathan Kuhn's mother is determined to help others who lose a loved one too soon.

Convicted of manslaughter, Chance Paap arrived to his parole hearing with a heavy heart.  As he listened to his best friend's mom's testimony asking he not be let out into the world, he cried.  For Debbie Kuhn it's an emptiness that can never be filled.

"I look for signs all the time of—is my Nathan here? Someway, let me know you're here," Debbie said.

This all comes after three years in prison for accidentally shooting his best friend, 28 year old Nathan Kuhn, in the head on Halloween in 2009, then fleeing.

Five days later, after stuffing his friend in a closet and trying to clean up the scene, he turned himself in.  Now that Paap has been granted parole, Kuhn's family has mixed feelings.

"It's over, I don't have to face him again.  That part's over," Debbie said.  "He's only been in for three years and now he's going to go out—he'll have a job, he'll be working back in the community.  That's hard when my son's life is over."

Nathan Kuhn leaves behind a daughter.  His mom said the hardest thing is watching her grow up without a dad, and seeing her go to a cemetery to visit the man who she only knows by a few memories is heartbreaking.

That's when she knew there was a reason this happened to her.  They're building a memorial in Seward, one brick for every child who lost their life too soon.

"We're hoping with the memorial that parents, grandparents or family members can go there and it can be serene and they can just sit and ponder and have wonderful memories and it'll be different than going to a cemetery," she said.


The Heartfelt Children's Memorial Committee is hosting multiple fundraiser's to help pay for the memorial and you can also buy a brick as a donation.  For that information, visit their web site,

Chance Paap will officially be released from prison on May 2nd.

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