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Officials still don't know what caused bridge girder to slip

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By: Kayla Bremer

A girder on the arena pedestrian bridge slipped about three feet last Friday afternoon.  Officials say they're still not sure of the cause and it could be a couple more weeks before they have the answer.

Wooden pieces and shoring towers support the girder that failed.  Crews say its stable and in place for now, allowing train traffic to move as usual after temporarily being shut down last week.

"They're still investigating to see you know, what damage was done," Dan Marvin, coordinator of arena construction and related development said.  "We'll be in there with testing equipment to identify all of that."

Marvin says it's too early to say what needs to be fixed.

Hawkins Construction is in charge of the bridge and will hire outside independent contractors to inspect it.  Marvin says they're hoping to have that start sometime next week because the results could take up to three weeks to get back.

He says the problem will likely push back the completion date of the bridge but they were about a month ahead of schedule so it won't cause any problems.

"The need for the completion date for the bridge is really when that parking lot to the north is going to open...1st of September and the track that we were on on this bridge was that it would be completed sometime in July."

Once it's finished, the bridge will connect the new arena to parking areas near Haymarket Park.

Marvin says the designs will make it one of the most unique bridges in the country.

"It will be illuminated so you'll be able to see the name "Lincoln" as you're driving in on I–180 so it will be you know, a really nice design feature."

Officials say the problems with the bridge will not cost the city any money since the project is insured by the construction company.

Also, the delay in finishing the bridge will not affect any opening dates with the arena.  Everything with that project is still on schedule.

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