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Youngsters rally to "Stand for the Silent"

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By: Cole Miller

"Standing for the Silent," it's what thousands of kids did Friday. The goal is to raise awareness about bullying, a problem many kids face these days. 

"I am somebody, and I can make a difference."

These are the words of a promise.

"It's not nice when kids bully and it hurts others feelings," Belmont 5th grader Elizabeth Strewe said.

A pledge to "Stand for the Silent."
"I got bullied in kindergarten through elementary school and it's still kind of going on," Strewe said.

A pledge to help stop bullying.

"They were bullying me about my weight," Janet Cortez said, who's also a 5th grader at Belmont.

Led by Mike Smith, the founder of The Bay, a skate park here in Lincoln, these young boys and girls are determined to make a difference.
"That we never bully nobody again and never hurt nobody again," McPhee 3rd grader Tionnie Delaney said.
"We're putting a stop to bullying so no one else can be bullied," Cortez added.

It's estimated that every 7 seconds, someone is bullied. To commemorate those who have been bullied, the group had a moment of silence lasting 7 seconds.

Some of the kids even opened up, sharing their experiences and they say the solution is simple---as long as you're willing to speak up.

"Just take a stand and do your best to stomp out bullying," Belmont 4th grader Ryan Jensen said.
Today more than 50,000 youngsters across Nebraska took the pledge to "Stand for the Silent."

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