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Lincoln hospitals gear up for marathon, disasters

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By: Megan Palera

The marathon bombings have everyone on high alert these days, and that includes Lincoln as the city gets ready to host its own marathon.

The St. Elizabeth Medical Center is ready to treat sick and injured runners during Sunday's marathon. But it knows some are wondering if it could handle a disaster like the one in Boston.

St. E's is home to more than 400 physicians and three urgent care centers. Inside the emergency room, staff are ready at any time of the day for a disaster to strike, the like a bombing at a marathon.

"You can't plan for every contingency, but you train people to think and you train people to communicate and to have the equipment they need. And then they put all that into place when it happens," Emergency Manager Lori Snyder-Sloan said.

As Lincoln gets ready to host 10,000 runners this Sunday, preparedness is key. The police department plans to increase its presence around the race course. Lincoln hospitals, like St. E's, are preparing for the worst. An emergency supply shelter is located on every floor of the medical center. A bag full of power cords and lanterns was put together after the Joplin tornado.

"It' doesn't really matter how much equipment you have if its not where somebody can get to it quickly and they don't know how to use it and where to find it, then it doesn't do any good," Snyder-Sloan said.

With every shocking terror event or natural disaster that's occurred in the last decade, the medical center has adapted. Come marathon weekend, St. E's will be ready to handle anything - both the good and bad.

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