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Plant shops struggle in changing weather

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By: Sabrina Ahmed 

It's supposed to be spring! For many people, that means getting their gardens back into shape.  But with this weather, flower stands can't keep their flowers outside, let alone stay open!

The stores are closed right now, but employees have been working round the clock for the last few days, filling the greenhouse with as many flowers as possible.  It's all in effort to save them in this cold weather.

As quickly as possible, Adrienne Simmons packs the flowers into a shopping cart, and stuffs the greenhouse with the most sensitive flowers.

"Definitely making us have to think a lot harder this year with this much late season cold," Human Resources Manager for Kaw Valley Greenhouses said.

They're filling the carts, racks, even climbing up and hanging things from the rafters.  Simmons said greenhouse employees are used to doing this in the beginning of spring, when gardening season isn't in full swing, but never has she seen them packing things up at the beginning of may.

"We're prepping for Mother's Day sales getting plants as full as we can and how we've gotta get 'em stuffed, so we're having to get as creative as possible this year on filling our space and efficiencies," Simmons said.

She said Kaw Valley Greenhouses is doing the best it can to keep all of the flowers alive, and so far, it's doing a pretty good job.  The real test will be this week with snow and a couple of mornings with below freezing temps.

Simmons also said she thinks gardening will pick right up once the storm passes.  People are ready to get planting!

"They're coming out, they're planning, they're making their lists so we're getting ready to do out best to keep up with that flow once the weather's warm," Simmons said.

Employees expect to re–open the Kaw Valley Greenhouses around Lincoln on Saturday.  They say, if you have already planted annuals, cover them and the ground should stay warm enough to keep them alive.

If you still have some in pots, bring them into the garage so they don't freeze.

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