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Bishop Conley runs for prayers

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By: Jenn Schanz

10,000 people.

26.2 miles.

One special Sunday.

The Lincoln Marathon draws participants from all walks of life to come together in the state's Capitol.

This year, it drew Bishop James Conley, along with 300 of his church members.

Conley is asking for prayer pledges for vocations. For his 26.2 miles, he wants 26.2 minutes of prayer.

According to Spirit Catholic Radio, it's part of a national effort to bring in more priests and sisters to the Catholic Church.

Conley sees the marathon as a metaphor.

"There's sort of a spiritual dimension to running because St. Paul talks about it, running the good race, run the race well, persevere to the end, to the finish line. And life is kind of like a marathon. We've got ups and downs, and sometimes you want to give up and sometimes you want to toss it in and quit. And we want to keep our eyes on the prize."

For Conley, the race is also about showing solidarity after the recent tragedy in Boston.

"If we allow this evil and that's what it was, tremendous evil, to prevent us from coming together at these wonderful occasions, we can't let that happen. So that's why I think it's even more important that we're out here today, just 3 weeks or so after the Boston tragedy to say no were not going to stop doing these things, this is part of what we are."

Governor Dave Heineman, who introduced the marathon, agrees.

"This is a terrific day for our city and our state and it's an opportunity for us to show our support for our friends and fellow Americans who were part of the Boston Marathon to show hey, we're with you, we're still thinking of you."

Whether it was the moment of silence held for Boston prior to the start gun, the countless volunteers, or Bishop Conley's prayer pledges, Lincoln's Marathon seemed to be all about solidarity.

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