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Keeping safe during grill season

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By: Megan Palera

Just this week in Lincoln, a grill caught an apartment balcony on fire. It happens far too often during the summer and mostly because people are using propane tanks.

It was a high-rise panic Tuesday at Skypark Apartments in Lincoln. The 11th floor balcony of the complex caught fire after Morris Huelle was grilling chicken.

"So I quickly jumped up and ran out on the balcony and her I discovered that my grill was on fire. The propane tank was venting and caused terrific amount of flame," Huelle said.

The blaze caused $25,000 in damage. Lincoln Fire and Rescue says far too often they see gas grills go up in flames.

"That was a grill and a tank that should not have been on that deck. And there again, it did cause a problem," Fire Inspector Chuck Schweitzer said.

There are only two types of grills allowed on apartment balconies: electric or gas grills with a propane tank no bigger than 2 1/2 gallons. Gas grills cause more than 25% of home fires. With Memorial Day weekend - a big weekend for outdoor grilling - just around the corner, fire officials hope everyone keeps safety in mind.

"We really would like people to pay attention and don't use these grills on decks if they're not allowed. It's the smoking issues and the grill issues - those are issues that do cause a lot of problems in the city," Schweitzer said.

If you live in an apartment complex and think you see a gas grill, you're encouraged to say something. By you speaking up, you could save a life.

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