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Gas prices continue to soar

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By: Kayla Bremer

With Memorial weekend just around the corner, gas prices are expected to rise even more.

Just 4 cents separate the current cost and Lincoln's all time high, and people are upset and wondering when it will end.

With the recent shutdowns of multiple Midwest refineries, gasoline prices are soaring and could be headed toward a new record.

"I'm still shocked," Don Fritz said.  "I just don't believe that it really costs as much as it does."

The current average price of regular unleaded in Nebraska is $4.06.  The 5th highest in the country.

In Lincoln, the average has passed $4.10.  That's 39 cents more than last week and 69 cents more than a month ago.

And unfortunately, it looks like there's no relief in site.

To blame are two of the country's largest refineries in Indiana and Illinois that have been shut down indefinitely while they undergo maintenance and another smaller refinery in Kansas shut down for 10 days.

"I think it's ridiculous," Fritz added.  "I think the gas companies are taking advantage of us, I really do.  I think it's because of the time of the year, people are starting to travel and Memorial Day is coming up here."

Azim Abrahim and his family spend a lot of their weekends during the summer at the lake.

He says it costs around $120 to fill up his Suburban, then much more on top of that to fill up the boat.  He worries if the rising trend continues, boating time this year could be limited.

"It's not just me, it's affecting everybody," Abrahim said.  "You come in here and you gas up your vehicle for twice as much or three times as much then you have to cut down somewhere else."

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