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Heart patient returns to thank EMS team for saving his life

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By: Jenn Schanz

April third began like any other morning for Mike Persson, until he started having chest pain while getting ready for work.

He was detoured on his way to the hospital when his chest pain became too intense to bear.

"I told my wife to pull into this fire station that I remembered was up there. And as soon as we pulled into the driveway, I threw the door open and was looking for an entrance."

 He was greeted by fire fighter Deb Staberg of Lincoln Fire and Rescue station six.

"We heard a pound at the door, we assumed it was one of the fire fighters locked out, so we kind of sauntered over there and there was a gentlemen standing there clutching his chest, pale and sweaty," she says.

Staberg was part of the EMS crew that saved Mike's life. They hooked him up to a 12-Lead EKG machine, which immediately sent his heart reading to the hospital.

She continues, "...we have the ability to do that and then transmit it to the hospital. So they're looking at the same thing we're looking at. That gets them in motion, which really expedites the whole process."

It took mike less than 20 minutes to get into the cath lab at Bryan East for treatment.

They call it "door-to-balloon time", meaning how long it takes for a patient to get from the ambulance into treatment.

The national standard for door-to-ballon time in 90 minutes.

Mike's was 19.

 "It takes a lot of things to fall into place to get a 19 minute door-to-balloon time. A lot of teamwork. A lot of quick thinking and quick moving. A lot of teams working together, from EMS to ER staff and eventually here in the cath lab," says Austin Byleen of Bryan Health.

Mike is doing well now. He's back to work and is nearly done with his cardiac therapy. He credits the teamwork of the EMS staff at station six for saving his life.

"And a lot of people will say well they were just doing their job. Well, I'm thankful they were just doing their job so well," he says.

National EMS week is May 19-25th. It celebrates the first responders like Deb Staberg and the EMS crew at station six. This year's EMS week theme is "One mission, one team."

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