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Crossbridge Church group aids Oklahoma tornado victims

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By: Hannah Paczkowski

 When the group from Crossbridge Christian Church got to Moore, Oklahoma, they saw six miles of devastation.

"It was absolutely mind–blowing. It's hard to say because all these houses, you'll look out and it'll just look just like a field of debris and you know it used to be a neighborhood," Brian Wallington said.

A neighborhood with homes and schools, including the one where six children lost their lives.

Sunday, the people who once lived in these neighborhoods, finished collecting their belongings before volunteers and dump trucks removed the debris.

Crossbridge says there's a lot to do before the homes can be totally restored.

"They're not quite to the building stage yet, they're still doing the rubble cleaning from the foundations, as I understand it, there's no basements in Oklahoma so the houses that were not totally demolished by the tornadoes are actually being raised by bulldozer and then the rubble that's left is then transported to the curb so it can be hauled out by the disaster relief vehicles," Mission Coordinator Vern Schulte said.

With so much destruction in the area, it's the little things that keep the people of Moore motivated.

While removing scraps from where a little girl's bedroom once stood, the group witnessed a small miracle; a plastic container full of shoes.

"They were all dry! The shoes were perfectly fine and dry it was just, believe it or not, that daughter's face just lit up. Something so small as shoes made her day," Wallington said.

Wallington says the people in Moore, Oklahoma are more than thankful for the help.

"Everybody down here is just so appreciative they've been through such a disaster and we can't even begin to imagine how it feels," he said. "You know you work your entire life to own a home and in one night it gets taken away or you lost a loved one along with your house, along with their house, along with your child's school. I mean everything you've built your entire life gets washed away in a day."

A day the people in Moore and Crossbridge Church will never forget. 

The Crossbridge Christian Church is planning on taking another trip the week of July 13 through the 20. To get involved with the project, contact the church at 402-438-6443 or visit their web site


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