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Capitol bands falcon chicks

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By: Hannah Paczkowski

 It's time for the falcon chicks at the capitol to become adults, which means getting these birds ready for the wild.

After hatching from their eggs twenty days ago, the capitol's baby peregrine falcons are almost ready to take flight, but before they can go into the wild, they have to get banded first.

"If they waited a week they could try to jump out of the nest when we try to catch them," Raptor Recovery executive director Betsy Finch said.

Which would hurt the capitol's chance of keeping track of their peregrines. Peregrines that were on the brink of extinction 25 years ago.

"The pesticide D–D–T caused them to lay thin–shell eggs and as a result of that, the eggs broke by the weight of the female's body and so they became very endangered," Finch said.

Thankfully, they're now off the endangered species list.

But don't let their cute, fluffy look fool you, Raptor Recovery says these birds can be a force to be reckoned with.

 "They are the Ferrari of the birds of the prey," rehab coordinator Janet Stander said.

Soon these innocent-looking chicks will grow and fly freely around the city.

"In another week you're going to see a dramatic change, they will look more like their parents," Finch said.

 To watch the chicks get ready to take flight, you can visit to see their live cam on the nests in the capitol.

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