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UNL law professor responds to NSA leak

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By: Bill Schammert

The term whistle-blower has been used very loosely in the case against Edward Snowden, but one UNL College of Law professor says that title, doesn't match Snowden's leak.

"In order to blow the whistle publicly, you need much stronger justification," Professor Richard Moberly said.

Moberly is the Associate Dean of Faculty at UNL's College of Law.  He says with the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches standing behind the NSA's actions, there is little justification.

"Once you're dealing with a national security context, the definition narrows because of the need for Security."

Moberly has testified before Congress before on whistle-blower issues in the private sector.  He was also featured in Tuesday's online New York Time's Opinion Section on Snowden's leak.

He says Snowden has very little legal ground to stand on.

"You really need to use internal channels or go to Congress with complaints in order to receive any protection and he went straight to the media."

ABC News is reporting Snowden has been fired from his $122K a year job as a defense contractor.  It's believed he is currently on the run in Hong Kong.

"It's going to be tough for him," Moberly said.  "There's a provision in the Espionage Act that deals directly with exposing intelligence communication information, which it appears he's done.  That would be a criminal penalty."

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