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AAA study finds hands-free texting just as dangerous behind the wheel

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By: Rachael Witter

A new study by AAA shows texting while behind the wheel is not the only distraction drivers face. Newer voice to text technologies that are hands–free can be just as or even more distracting. The study says that it takes just as much mental capacity to use hands–free technology. Drivers say while it may be convenient, there is still danger on the road.
"Even the voice to text function is still not a safe option. It just...I honestly think that the best policy is to put your phone in the backseat of your car, or your purse. Put it away that way you're not tempted by it." said Amy Holloman of Lincoln.
"it's kinda like closing your eyes while youre driving and nobody's gonna close their eyes while they're driving that's just silly. You're prone to get in an accident. However I know that I'm just as guilty as everyone else in the world of occasionally looking at my phone and doing that and being like oh that was a poor decision." said Lisa Childs of Lincoln.

The study also says that a lot of newer cars are equipped with built–in hands–free options and AAA wants auto–makers to change that. This equipment in cars may be leading to a misconception... That hands–free is risk–free.
"A lot of people when you talk about hands–free, they think it's risk free and that's not the case. Even though it's hands free you're still mentally thinking about that conversation you're having or what you're trying to say while you're doing this voice activated texting so you're not fully concentrating like you should." said Marilyn Muir of AAA.

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