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911 calls from fatal crash detail inmate's erratic driving

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By: Brittany Paris

"911. What's the address of your emergency?"

It's the question every 911 caller was asked on June 25. And most people in the area had the same answer: 18th and Van Dorn.

That's the intersection where 35-year-old Jeremy Dobbe, an inmate who has a record of reckless driving and DUIs, slammed into Joyce Meeks', 47, van. She was killed.

But questions of what went wrong still remain. 911 calls came in detailing Dobbe's erratic driving.

"I'm driving on Van Dorn Street and there's a white van with Nebraska government plates and it just ran several stoplights," one caller said.

She was talking about Dobbe's van. She said he ran a red light at 10th and Van Dorn, moments before he crashed into Meeks just 8 blocks later.

Another caller said the van sped past his house so quickly, he could hear it.

"I live at 14th and Van Dorn and I just saw a van pass here going, like, probably close to 80 miles an hour heading eastbound," he said.

The rest of the calls were panicked witnesses who had seen or heard the crash.

"I heard a loud noise and ran right outside," a Domino's employee said.

"THere's a van that hit another car. Oh my God," one witness said on the phone.

That caller said he got out of the van's way just in time.

"I was on the phone with my aunt and I just swerved enough to get in the driveway. Oh my God. I jumped straight out of my car cause that could've been me," he said.

And another caller could see into Meeks' mangled van.

"Do you know if they're hurt," the dispatcher asked.

"Yeah. I think they're dead," the caller replied.

Dobbe is still being held at the Diagnostic Evaluation Center. We still don't know why he was driving so erratically. Blood tests haven't been released and he hasn't been charged.

But, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, a wrongful death suit will be filed in Lancaster County next week. It's against Dobbe and the Department of Correctional Services. 

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