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Lincoln baby meets his blood donor

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Posted By:  Camila Orti

Tuesday was a big day for 1–year–old Owen Morton and his family, as they finally got to meet the blood donor who helped save Owen's life. 

Owen was born last May with a genetic platelet disorder, and if it weren't for a perfect donor match, he might not be alive today.

"He loves people, he's talkative, active," mother Megan Morton said.

Today, 1–year–old Owen Morton is happy and healthy, and much of that is thanks to local donor Tracey Scissors–Domgard who got to meet Owen, the recipient of her platelets, for the first time on Tuesday. 

"I totally lost it, I mean it's just so neat to see the big picture, I wish all blood donors could see what happens," Scissors-Domgard said.

Owen's tranfusions happened when he was just a day old.  He was born with a disorder that causes uncontrollable bleeding.

Domgard's platelets kept the baby's levels stable long enough for doctors to diagnose and treat him.  A final transfusion from Owen's mom reversed his disorder.

"It was really cool to get to meet her, put a face to it and thank her. Thank you doesn't really say that– all the gratitude that we feel, but very grateful that she could be a part of our lives too," Megan Morton said.

Domgard says she donates every two to three weeks.  And Owen's parents say they have become blood donors, too.

"You just never know who you could be helping. If it wasn't for the Blood Bank and donors we may not have our little boy today," Megan said.

"I would just hope that seeing this happen would initiate someone coming forward saying I can give a half hour, 45 minutes to donate whole blood," Scissors-Domgard said.

The Mortons hosted an honorary blood drive for Owen which ended Tuesday.  More than 175 donations were collected. The blood bank is always looking for more donors... They have three locations here in Lincoln.

For more information on donating blood:


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