By: Brittany Paris

The mayor announced on Friday that Lincoln will host the 2015 State Games of America. It's like the Cornhusker State Games, but with 30 other states joining in.

It's expected to be the biggest event yet with 18,000 participants and 5,000 volunteers. Thousands more will watch, bringing almost 50,000 people to the Capitol City.

"By awarding this national event to Lincoln, the board is expressing it's confidence that our community can indeed produce a top level experience for athletes and guests from all 50 states," Mayor Beutler said.

The State Games are a multi-sport event for amateur athletes. Participants can qualify for the national competition by winning a medal in their state's games in the two years before.

There will be contestants from Nebraska's own contest. Mayor Beutler estimates the event will bring in $20 million for the state.

Gov. Dave Heineman said Lincoln was the obvious choice, beating out San Diego.

"I told them there was only one choice and that was Lincoln, Nebraska," the Governor said. "I don't even know why they were talking to any other community when they had the opportunity to put it here in Lincoln."

The State Games will take the place of Nebraska's 2015 competition. Officials are hoping to raise $800,000 for the event.