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Vandals target a northwest Lincoln neighborhood

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By: Kayla Bremer

Several people woke up Wednesday morning to an unpleasant surprise.  Their cars, mailboxes and houses spray painted by vandals.

It happened between midnight and 5 a.m. Wednesday.

Police say the suspects went block to block, targeting many houses in the area between NW 4th St. and Laramie to 4th and Adams.

"It's annoying I guess but there's nothing you can do about it," Megan Mroczek said.

Mroczek is one of the many people in the neighborhood who's home fell victim to graffiti.  She says she was woken up by police knocking on her door to let her know her mailbox had been vandalized. 

But she says her neighbors got it much worse.

"Just a mailbox it's like, I mean you can clean that up but somebody's car that's a little bit more challenging I guess to fix."

Police say 11 confirmed reports have come in so far.

"A lot of derogatory words were written and also the letters 'TYB' and also 'TBS'," Sgt. Jeri Roeder said.

We spoke with some teens off camera who live in the area, they say "TYB" and "TBS" are both gang related.  They also said the suspects are their age, and they believe they know who they are.

While many of the victims have already cleaned up most of the vandalism, police say it's important to do it as quickly as possible.

"The city requires people to clean up graffiti just to keep the neighborhoods clean," Sgt. Roeder said.  "A lot of times people will actually use spray paint to tag areas and specific groups of people then try to claim areas by spray painting their logo or whatever."

Police continue to investigate and ask anyone who has any information to call and report it.

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