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Mixed reactions about the new south Walmart

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By: Kayla Bremer

The big box store has been a hot button issue for the past year.  Now that it's open, how do people that live in the area feel?  Depends who you talk to.

For some, the new south Walmart is just a quick and convenient walk through the neighborhood to pick up some groceries.  Others are excited because it's the first Walmart on this side of town.

"It's great for me because I don't live very far away and so it's better for me to come here," Lori Edmonds said. 

But for many others who live right next door, they say their fears are becoming a reality.

Jody Schrieber lives about a block from the new store.  She says ever since the plan to build the Walmart began, the neighborhood was against it.

"During the day I notice the traffic," Schrieber said.  "The traffic is my biggest thing along with the trash you see all of a sudden kind of blowing across the street and so it just has really changed the way this whole area to me feels when I come home."

A new stoplight was put in at 27th and Grainger to help with the traffic, but it's the same entrance residents use to get to their homes.

"It's probably the only plus to the area but you're also waiting in a long line now to get out with consumers who are shopping the store, the semi trucks that are coming out of the store, it's a really different vibe coming in and out of Grainger now," Schrieber added.

The Walmart is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and brought nearly 200 new jobs to the city.

We spoke with president of the home owners association off camera.  She told us they want to establish a relationship with the store manager so they can work together and address the issues, including maybe getting volunteers to help pick up the trash.

We also talked to one person who lives right next to the store and she says it hasn't been that bad as far as the traffic and noise.  But again, there are many others who say it is a problem.

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