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LPS: Head lice? Head to class

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By: Bill Schammert

New guidelines from Lincoln Public Schools are trying to change the way parents think about head lice.

It's the gross-out problem that affected more than 300 students last year.  But, when you crunch the numbers, that's less than one-percent of the population.

Now, LPS says, a student found with live lice can remain in school.

"Research has shown the possibility of it being transferred in a school setting is extremely minimal," LPS Health Services Supervisor, Marge Theel, said.

New medical studies show that head lice are more of an annoyance than an actual health hazard.  The medical community says no diseases are associated with head lice.

And LPS is doing it's part to dispel the rumors.

"They don't fly, they don't hop, they don't jump," Theel said.

Here are the new guidelines:

- Student's found with live lice can remain in school - parents/guardians will be notified and educated in treating the lice.

- Upon returning to school, the child will be screened in the health office.  If no live lice are found, the child will be rechecked in seven days.

- Students will not be excluded from school when they have a second repeat incident of head lice.  They may be excluded after a third incident until they are lice free.

Still, if you find the creepy, crawly, tiny insects making their way through your child's scalp - treat it immediately.

"There's almost always going to be a shampoo, a lotion or a cream," pharmacist, Blake Henning, says.  "Certain products only require one treatment, but others only kill the living lice and require another treatment to kill any eggs that might've hatched."

Henning says nine out of ten times, an over the counter treatment will work, and the solution usually only cost parents between $10 and $15.

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